Solazmar International is an international consulting company that specializes in working with governments and Organizations around the world to develop and implement innovative solutions for various projects. With a team of experts in a variety of fields, Solazmar International is able to provide comprehensive support for governments looking to improve infrastructure, spur economic growth, and enhance the lives of citizens.

Real Estate

Solazmar International Realty

Solazmar Realty is a leading US-based agency that specializes on properties in Latin America. We’ve partner with top developers in the region to provide a wide range of investment opportunities to American citizens. 

Justo Card

an easy-to-use banking service that allows the fast-growing Mexican American Expatriate Community residing in the United States to send money to loved ones in their home country, free of charge!

International Purchases


In collaboration with Biblomodel, Solazmar International will be launching xfronteras, a touch-screen kiosk being released at select locations throughout Southern California. 

Our Partners